A Little Support Never Hurts

Last Saturday the girls and I spent the day down at my my mom and dad’s house. After a long day we began our trek home with leftovers from both lunch and dinner. Upon returning home I passed the girls to the Mrs. for bedtime stories and I went directly to the refrigerator to sort out the food situation. I opened the fridge and found it fully stocked. I searched out a spot for the leftovers and while doing so discovered a 6-pack of Sculpin IPA. What the . . .

Was this some sort of joke? As much as the name Sculpin gets bandied about by myself and others (in regards to Will Venable) the truth is that I just don’t drink it very frequently. It costs too much. A 6-pack will generally run you $14 dollars and change which, I’m sorry, is ridiculous for 6 beers. So the story is, I never buy Sculpin on account of the cost . . . yet there it was . . . in my fridge. How could my wife willfully purchase such an expensive brand of craft beer?

I sat down to catch up on the Padres – Blue Jays game and when Mrs. AJM returned from story time, I looked at her and said, “Sculpin? What made you buy that?”

She assuredly answered, “I figured this was the beer you would want to enjoy while you bask in the sheer enjoyment of seeing Will Venable dropped out of 2 hole in the batting order. I read what you wrote about his performance in that spot and I see that he has batted either 7th, 8th, or 9th in the last handful of games, so congratulations. Enjoy your Sculpin.”

While this is the account that free flowed through my mind, what she actually said was closer to this: “It was on sale for $9.99 so I bought it.”

My wife didn’t need to recite the fantasy relayed above to be cool and supportive. And she doesn’t need to read everything I write to show support either. This is my way of saying thanks to my wife who has supported me writing about the Padres and other stupid stuff for over 4 years now. Yes, today is not just the anniversary of D-Day – it is also Avenging Jack Murphy’s (the site, not I) birthday.

On June 6th, 2009 I closed up shop at the old crappy site and moved to AvengingJackMurphy.blogspot.com . . . which I eventually changed to AvengingJackMurphy.com. . . . which I eventually lost as a domain because I was too busy to pay the bill while we set up Padres Public. But all the stuff I wrote has been imported to this new domain. Hooray! Now I can link to stupid stuff I wrote 4 years ago.

Happy birthday to AJM!


The Padres won last night against the Dodgers and kept themselves out of last place. Yasiel Puig went 0-4 and K’d twice. Despite his cool name, Yasiel Puig is not perfect. This is reassuring for mankind. Last year, I wrote about players with names that begin with the letter “Y”. It mostly focused on Latin players and the Cold War influence of the Soviet Union in the Caribbean. I then took it a step further and cataloged every player in MLB whose name begins with the letter “Y”. Weird, I know.

Chase Headley went 1-2 with a walk (1 for 3 2 BB overall) against Clayton Kershaw last night. Is he fixed? I’ll take a look at Chase’s struggles in greater depth tomorrow.

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