12 offseason moves that kind of sucked

Over at Baseball Prospectus the BP staff got together and ranked what they felt were the 12 Least-Favorite Off-Season Moves in Major League Baseball.

Do you think there’s any chance the Padres made this list? Seriously. If you had to bet your left pinky at the second knuckle is it a wager that you would make? Our Padres? On the list? I have the meat cleaver and you have the pinky – put it on the table you feeble (wo)-man!

In the interest of full disclosure: Our very own Geoff Young (aka Son of a Duck), is a staff writer at Baseball Prospectus. And he might have an opinion on such a matter. Are we still going for the pinky or are you more comfortable with a slap-bet?

Alright fine. You’re no fun. Here you go . . .

6. The Padres Do Nothing
A team that incurred 86 losses last year, had more than 40 percent of households in the city it represents be unable to watch games on television, and switched ownership groups for the second time in four years might wish to show signs of life during the offseason. The Padres ranked 14th of 16 National League teams in attendance. Fans weren’t clamoring to see the 2012 product, so presumably changes might be in order. If nothing else, the new owners could extend the proverbial olive branch by demonstrating a commitment to improve.


For the entirety of Geoff Young’s excerpt click here . . .

On Friday morning Geoff will expand on some of the issues he sees with the starting rotation in his weekly Son of a Duck column.

Of note: According to Baseball Prospectus, 6 of the 12 crappiest moves (non-moves) during the off-season have included current or former Padres executives (Josh Byrnes, Kevin Towers, Sandy Alderson). Jed Hoyer and the Cubs’ off-season is conspicuously absent from the Baseball Prospectus list.

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