Sometimes, What’s Brewing On The Farm can’t contain all of our hot prospect takes. Last Call is a semi-weekly installment sure to quench any remaining prospect thirst you might have.

The best thing about the newly minted What’s Brewing On The Farm feature at Padres Public is how it’s become a perpetual content generator. The Padres have finally embraced the #FullLuhnow (#FullHoyer?) and are tanking games with the greatest of ease; the All-Star hype has given way to an admission that the team is, in fact, currently engaged in a full rebuild.

All eyes are on the farm system, and – as Billy and I discussed last week – a lot of those eyes are no longer focused on what many perceived to be the crown jewel of the Craig Kimbrel deal: Javier Guerra. This season has been disastrous.

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I can think of worse places to be on a Wednesday afternoon.

With an 8-2 Opening Day loss to the Lancaster JetHawks on Thursday night, this isn’t the quick start you’d expect the Lake Elsinore Storm or manager Jamie Quirk would have liked to get off to. But, as Quirk would likely tell you, even a loss is a learning experience to build for the future.

Before the Storm packed the buses for the two-hour trip north, Padres Public was able to catch up with the first-year manager and a handful of players at The Diamond in Lake Elsinore during Wednesday’s FanFest to see how things were shaping up for the 2014 season.

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As most of you were already aware, FOX Sports San Diego recently extended an offer that Padres Public couldn’t refuse – a chance to take over yesterday’s broadcast between the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and San Diego Padres. FSSD’s social media reporter, Megan Olivi, bravely stood by as these pasty basement dwellers stumbled through a few innings of work, some better than others. I, like many others, have a normal job (not bitter) with adult responsibilities (totally calm) and was unable to attend. Anyway, “The Bloggers Take Over” segments were intended to give “viewers a fan’s perspective of the game, as well providing discussion on topics relating to the team and its local San Diego fan base.”

With that in mind, I did what most fans do – I waited until the game was available online, poured myself a tall beer,and plopped myself down on the couch for the replay with the sole purpose of judging their hard work.

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On Friday, February 15th, the University of San Diego Toreros officially opened the doors (turnstiles?) to Fowler Park. Padres Public was on hand to root root root for the home teams, with one writer providing the unique perspective of being a proud USD alumnus, and the other as…well…a San Diegan who likes collegiate baseball.

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