Hi, filling in for Ray again. He seems to be back from vacation, but we’ll let him catch his breath. In this edition of Sez Bill, we visit the underground catacombs of Paris, take a look at the charming Bordeaux countryside, join fishermen on the coast of Normandy, and tour the magical palace at Versailles. Wait, no. None of that.

Here we go!

– Too many “ifs” for Bill’s sake, but the Padres aren’t as panicked about finding a starting pitcher on the market with Kelly looking sharp, Cashner being closer than originally thought, Stauffer being ready to start the season, and apparently … Read the full post

This is where we gather from time to time to talk about something big in the Padres world or just the Padres or just baseball. It’s a roundtable discussion. Except, you know, no round tables. This is a Public House…so we’re at the bar.

The list of teams yet to win a World Series is pretty short.  The list of teams to never play in a World Series is even shorter (Hellooo, Washington and Seattle!).  Thank God we’re not a member of that club.  Including the Mariners and Nationals, 8 teams haven’t yet won the big one.  Only the Texas Rangers … Read the full post

Thanks to VMDave for covering #SezBill these past two weeks while I was blissfully away not covering #SezBill.

Back to the grind, though.

-The Padres are being cautious with Quentin and are not alone, as Albert Pujols, Matt Kemp and Derek Jeter have yet to play this spring.

-Just read the whole thing:

11:56 – Comment From Dave B.
How is TWC any different from the Padres in that both aren’t willing to pay market value, but it’s okay for the Padres?

12:00 – Bill Center:
We don’t really know yet if the Padres are willing to pay market value. The test case will be Chase Headley. … Read the full post

In case you weren’t paying attention.
Come on now. Pay attention.

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Continuing our look at the 2012 Padres with an eye to 2013, today we take a look at shortstop.

One line in last week’s #SezBill caught my eye:

Cabrera is the starting shortstop, but Forsythe will get a long look during ST.

I wish I’d read that at work, so when I spit my morning coffee all over the monitor I could simply ask IT for a new one. How in the world is Everth Cabrera already anointed as the starting shortstop over Logan Forsythe?  Could #SezBill and I have a crush on the same player?  Maybe, but let’s look at the numbers anyway.  … Read the full post

Today is a special Vocal Minority double your pleasure day. Don’t expect that very often.

There are some Padres fans who I’m hearing from who think we here at Padres Public, and specifically David and myself at The Vocal Minority, need to get down to business, take on the Padres organization and blogosphere, and really spark a serious change in the Padres and Padres fandom. Right now. Well, I appreciate the sentiment and I take the idea that we’re even capable as a compliment, but screw that. It’s February. There’s still snow on the ground in Cleveland. I want to write about something … Read the full post