The Magical 2003 Promotional Schedule

As I mentioned in my last couple of RJ’s Fro promotion posts (here and here), 2003 was probably the last solid year for Padres promotional schedules. With that said, why don’t we take a look at a couple of those giveaways!

But first, I was browsing the Padres store earlier and found this wood sign. No Offseason, eh? Sounds about right.


On May 3rd, 2003 the Padres gave away these Dave Winfield bobbleheads.


This Winfield bobblehead had 2 versions, well technically 3 but I’ll get to that later. They had the Home uniform and the Away uniform, with both having him standing inside San Diego Stadium (AKA: Jack Murphy, AKA: Qualcomm). The likeness is pretty decent and the sideburns are amazing. The Home was the standard version given out and the Away version had a limited number of 3,100 (Winfield was #31). As an added bonus, 31 of the bobbleheads were autographed by Dave Winfield himself. Amazing promotion all around here. Just imagine opening your box to find something different than what your friend/family member received or even better being one of the lucky 31 to get an autographed one.

Next up they gave away these Ozzie Smith “Motion Cards” on May 17th.


I tried to capture the card in motion. Basically it’s Ozzie going back and diving for a ball in what I assume would be shallow LF. It came on a rocking stand so you could rock it and get the full motion easily. Just like the Winfield promotion, there was an bonus for a few lucky fans this day. In addition to the card you were given a scratch card. Some lucky winners received an autographed Ozzie Smith ball. The losers received discounts on merchandise and concessions. It sounds like a win-win to me, although the ball would be just a tad bit better than a discount.

On May 31st the Padres gave out their second bobblehead of the year. It was the ‘ol crafty lefty himself, Randy Jones.


Just like the Winfield bobblehead, they created a couple versions of the RJ one. One home, one away. The Home was once again the standard version, and the Away had a limited number of 3,500 (RJ was #35). There were also 35 autographed by Randy Jones given out at random. Same story as the Winfield one, awesome promotion all around. The RJ bobblehead kind of looks like he’s wearing lipstick but at least he has the fro, so I’ll let a little thing like lipstick slide.

I’m normally not a floppy hat guy. I’ve always said, floppy hats are only made for fishermen or big fat party animals, and I am neither. But June 21st the Padres probably gave away their coolest one of these to date.


Pretty good quality hat overall. Great stitching. Plus if you flip it inside out they had the great “Old School” friar logo that they are currently using once again. Cool hat, but I still don’t wear it.

Probably my favorite promotion that year was the Tony Gwynn Russian Nesting Doll set on August 9th.


I loved this promotion. The Russian Nesting Dolls were all the rage back then, as pretty much every team had their own version. It’s a pretty solid likeness of Tony and I love how the different uniforms are represented. This promotion also got the most love when I asked Twitter what some of their favorite promotions of all-time were.

As a late minute add (not on the original promotional schedule), the Padres gave away a Chicken Bobblehead, er I mean body, on September 26th.


I say that it is a bobble “body” because the Chicken’s whole body moves as opposed to just his head. It’s actually very fitting for a Chicken figure because it looks like he’s dancing. The likeness is spot on too. They gave it away to commemorate his triumphant return to the Q and the Padres even won the game (Winfield-L, Ozzie-L, Floppy-L, Gwynn-L).

Lastly, on the final day at Qualcomm Stadium on September 28th, the Padres gave away a Qualcomm Stadium Commemorative Ticket Holder.


I was at that game and boy was it packed. Nearly 61,000 people crammed into Qualcomm Stadium for that last game. The ticket holder was a pretty solid idea for nostalgia purposes and they even stamped the ticket when you entered instead of tearing it (like they did in the old days).

There were also some other promotions that I liked that year. The pin set was the best in years and I actually completed the set. They gave away Mother’s cards one game and an All-Time team set on another game. But all these will be saved for another day.

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