The Jeff Moorad Bobblehead

I give you the Jeff Moorad bobblehead.

I’ll let this marinate for a while. Talk amongst yourselves.


I first became aware of the Moorad bobblehead through Darren Smith when he tweeted this.

Having quite the extensive Padres bobblehead collection, I knew right then and there that I had to have it. Moorad being hailed as the Most Admired CEO in bobblehead form? That’s just too good not to have. But where would I be able to find one? I hit up practically everyone in the Padres organization for one. I even told them that I would not mention the transaction, just place it in an unmarked box and pick up a briefcase filled with money and there would be no questions asked. It would never be mentioned again! But everyone either was too ashamed to admit they had one or this truly was the most elusive bobblehead ever.

Next thing I know I’m browsing Gaslamp Ball and I find this article by MrBarneyDangles. I was shocked! How did he get this rare find??? He told me eBay. I wasn’t expecting to find something like that there so I never even looked. How could I be so stupid!?! So to eBay I went. I bought this one for $12.00 (there is currently one listed for $20.00)

I dug a little deeper and found out that these were given away to a small select group of partners, investors, friends and family. That’s about all I know about it’s origins.

There is more to this than the average bobblehead though. Check out this Vine video.

Yes, it spins and talks. It’s hard to understand and I can’t tell if the batteries are dying or if that’s Moorads normal voice, but I believe it says “Eh, I gotta tell you I turned on a dime and it feels awesome.”

There is a little more to the story, but I’ll leave that for another day.



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