Terrible Moments in Padres Promotions History

Let’s get this out of the way now. I am kind of a snob when it comes to this stuff. Some of this may not be as “terrible” to you as it is me. But here are some of the biggest flubs in Padres promotional history.

I’ll start out with one of the biggest screw ups in baseball (yes all of baseball) giveaway history. The 10th FAN shirt. I honestly don’t remember exactly what year this was but the sand was used from 2004-2010, so it was somewhere in that time frame (comment below if you know the exact year). In case you don’t know, the correct phrase is 10th Man. There are 9 guys out on the field and the crowd is considered the 10th man. When you say 10th Fan A) it is incorrect and B) it sounds like you are saying there are only 10 fans out there.



@sdmike on Twitter chimed in with Neil the Beerman’s Khalil Greene cup that misspelled his last name. Yes it says Green. According to Neil it was only available for about 3 games before they realized the mistake and pulled them. Considering it says 2007 Team MVP on there, this cup has to be from the 2008 season (Greene’s last in SD).



The most recent Chase Headley bobblehead had quite a few issues. 1. Headley had a bobblehead in 2010 and regardless of the pictures sent out before hand, they are exactly the same height, and for the most part quite similar similar to each other.



Next, if you notice most bobbleheads angle the batter so when you have it displayed on your shelf with the name plate on the front showing, you’ll actually be able to see the player.  Not this Headley bobblehead. You’d have to adjust him like below if you want to actually see who the bobblehead is.


Did you guys know Chase Headley boxes? Well according to the packaging, Chase is a Golden Glove winner and no longer a Gold Glove winner. GoldEN Gloves are given out in boxing. Gold Gloves are given out in baseball.


Those are 3 of the biggest blunders in Padres history promotions wise. I could easily name the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man looking Tony Gwynn statue. Or the NASCAR Jake Peavy bobblehead. Or even giving out blue and white stuff everytime the Dodgers come to town. Am I missing any bad ones? Comment down below and let me know.


Described as an episode of Hoarders but with Padres stuff, .400 in ’94 can be found on Twitter & Facebook!!

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  • I didn’t even notice the “Golden Gloves” mistake.

    Granted, I pretty much put the whole thing in the back of my closet right away, box & all.

    • SDPads1

      Does you box close properly?

  • Maybe it’s just wishful thinking but I can’t remember Headley ever sporting the chin-only goatee look.

    • SDPads1


      • Aw, look at how young he looks.

  • Tim Stoops

    I’m pretty sure the Padres “10th Fan” shirt was on June 30, 2006 against the Giants. I got two of them and wear one for softball, where 10 fans would be filled to capacity.

    • SDPads1

      Thanks Tim! I had a feeling it was ’06 or ’07.

    • shaynes41

      I have two as well!!! One of my buddies who is a Giants fan was at the game and gave me them. I always figured that they dreamed up the promotion and then realized at the last second that someone had a copyright on “10th man” and made the last second change and hoped no one would notice.

      I actually don’t mind too much. I think jersey-esque t-shirt give aways are almost always good.

  • Anyone remember the night baseball shaped radios rained down upon the field in dozens during the game and by the hundreds after the Padres lost? Thinking this was vs. the Mets sometime in the mid-nineties…

    I’m also a little tweaked (though I should have expected it) that the ticket frame from when they opened up Petco in 2004 won’t hold my ticket in place and allowed it to yellow over the years.

    For whatever reason most of the dud giveaways that are taking up space in my parents’ basement are escaping me, but what I really miss is a good one – those nice-sized (and decent quality) cloth duffel bags they had for a couple years in the late ’80s.

    • Melvin

      I remember one promotional item raining down on the field during a game I was at in the mid-90s, don’t remember which it was. I remember thinking it seemed like something fans would do in LA, not San Diego.

    • SDPads1

      I believe I have one of those radios! And my Petco Opening Day frame is the same exact way, the ticket is always falling out.

    • Good ol’ times

      It was from 1994 against the Colorado Rockies, the Padres walked off in the 9th and the fans threw the radios after the game to the Rockies relievers. I still have my 760 KFMB baseball AM radio. Hey, it was my first game.

  • How about the Eric Owens shirt that was made to look dirty? They were trying to be clever, but to most everyday people, it really did look just like a dirty t-shirt.