In case you missed it last week, Metz of Padres Trail announced that the San Diego Chapter of SABR would be having a Garage Sale fundraiser. Never one to turn down a garage sale, I put it on my list for the day.

As I pulled up around 8:45AM I expected to see a line waiting to get in and was shocked to find no one outside. I thought to myself, did I go to the right place? Was it the right day? Maybe no one is showing up and it can ALL BE MINE!! As I walked in I immediately realized that there were scavengers already digging through the stuff. Bloody savages! Doesn’t anyone have any etiquette anymore? It was at that point where I bum rushed a 90 year old lady and pushed her to the ground (I’m kidding) to get this….


It’s a 1981 World Series Helmet Lamp for only $10! A couple things.
1) I’m aware that 2 of the teams I hate the most (Dodgers & Yankees) played in this World Series.
2) I was born in 1981 so this is kind of cool as is as long as you don’t think about the teams.
3) I honestly didn’t believe that this would work when I got home but I plugged it in and it works.
4) I can modify it by drilling a hole into a Padres helmet I have laying around and make it a Padres lamp. These are some options…
400_SabrSale_85Helmet 400_SabrSale_84Helmet

Next up I found a ton of posters. I grabbed some really cool ones and made a stack at the counter, only to return and see a price list peeking out from underneath the stack with some, uh, rather high prices. That stack was immediately returned to the table. But I did keep one poster that was moderately priced ($5).


A “Tony & Puff” poster from Townsend-Lincoln Mercury. It has to be from either 1985 or 1986, as those were the only 2 years Nettles wore that jersey style. I don’t know if it was a stadium giveaway or not. It wasn’t on the schedule for 1986 and I don’t have a 1985 schedule. Obviously I got the poster mainly for Tony Gwynn but who was Puff? I clearly recognized Nettles as the other guy but I never knew that his nickname was Puff. So I looked it up and according to Baseball Reference:

“Graig Nettles was given the nickname of Puff by his teammates. “Puff” referred to the way Graig disappeared after playing a practical joke or starting trouble.”

In addition to a ton of Media Guides & programs that I got that day (probably around 30), I also came across this Chicken mask that I shockingly did not have already.

It was given away at his “1984 Chicken Bird-day Extravaganza” on June 29th against the Cardinals. 45,468 fans (8th highest home total) were in attendance that day to watch the 1st place Padres get blanked by Cardinals pitcher Ricky Horton. He threw a gem as he went 7 2/3 innings without giving up a hit and ended up with a complete game shutout, striking out 5, walking 2 and only allowing 2 hits all day leading his team to a 5-0 victory. Kevin McReynolds (2B) and Alan Wiggins were the only 2 to get a hit for the Padres. To show how filthy Horton was that day, Gwynn went 0-4 and grounded into a double play to end the game.

Described as an episode of Hoarders but with Padres stuff, .400 in ’94 can be found on Twitter & Facebook!!

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