SABR Garage Sale Vol. 2

I originally intended to post this last week, but with the chaos of a Spring Training trip quickly approaching, I had a ton of stuff to get done before leaving.

Last year the San Diego chapter of SABR (also known as the Ted Williams Chapter) had their first Garage Sale at the Hall of Champions. I was there that day, bought a few things and posted about it here. So when Met from Padres Trail announced that it would be returning this year AND that it was at the Randy Jones All-American Sports Grill, I knew that I had to go once again. This time I had home field advantage.

I got there a little early and ran into some other collectors and ItsDis. As the doors opened, they all ate my dust though, as I was the first to rush in. There was considerably less items this year, but there was still some awesome stuff to be had.

I got a few things to add to my crazy collection:




First up are 3 pennants (each was $3). I have a similar one to the first one but it’s brown, as you saw on the pennants post last year. The two 1992 All-Star game pennants were also welcomed additions to the family.


Next up are a pair of posters ($5 each).  The Goose Gossage and Smokey the Bear poster is from 1984, it’s pretty big (although slightly smaller than the traditional poster size) and looks similar to the Padres-Smokey baseball card set from the same year. Anytime you have a large cartoon bear that’s been brought to life and a large mustachioed closer together fighting crime in poster form, then you can count me in.

The Gaylord Perry poster is pretty small and looks like it may have been given away at a game on September 15th, 1978 to honor him on his 40th birthday. Perry did not pitch that day, as Eric Rasmussen took the bump and the Padres lost to the Astros 8-4. However, the date could also just signify the future Hall of Famers birth date and it could have been given away the following day on September 16th, 1978, since Perry actually pitched that day. The brand new 40 year old would spin a gem that day, throwing a complete game, striking out 5 and only allowing 1 run, to win the game 2-1. It was also his second consecutive complete game, he lowered his ERA on the season to 2.90, he improved his record to 19-6 AND didn’t walk a single batter. Absolutely insane.

Perry would go on to win his second and last Cy Young award that season and even finished 8th in the NL MVP race. He would pitch one more season in San Diego before moving on to play with 5 more teams in his career before retiring. He actually started a game for the Royals the day after his 45th birthday and went 6 innings while striking out 5. The ageless wonder would pitch in only one more game after that and hang up the cleats for good in 1983.


This next item is a Steve Garvey book that I bought at the table ran by Mrs. Padres Trail. Also at the table was a book written by Garvey’s ex-wife that was a scathing tale about how much of a scum bag he was. I did not buy that one. And let’s be honest, the main reason I bought this book was for this….



Lastly, I found this Sporting News from April 28th, 1986 with the Padres, AKA “Team Turmoil”, on the cover. It had a fascinating article in there about how dysfunctional the Padres organization was at that time. Oh how times have changed….wait…maybe they haven’t? I’ll do a full write up about that article real soon at RJ’s Fro.

There was a ton of stuff and all of the money raised went to a great cause. If they do it again next year then I highly suggest going to it…but make sure you stay out of my way, because I’m like a wild animal on a hunt when it comes to these.

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  • Lonnie Brownell

    I’ll have to go next year, just so I can take photos of a wild animal on a hunt. I call it: SABR Safari.

    And hyena like, maybe I can feast on some of what he leaves behind.

    • SDPads1