Puzzled about Preston’s Pickin’s with the Garv?

Normally I come up with some sort of theme for these posts. But today I felt like going all over the place so try and keep up.

Steve Garvey is easily the first person you think of when someone mentions the Padres and Dodgers. Here he is in face-on-a-stick form. I’ve talked about the face-on-a-stick a couple times before. The first in Part 1 of my version of a better Promotional Schedule (Part II to post tomorrow) and then when I recently purchased a Chicken version at the SABR garage sale. This particular item was most likely given away in stores to promote Padre’s ticket sales. It is sponsored by both Yago Sant’Gria and TeleSeat. There is no date on it so I’m not 100% sure when it was given away, but looking at the mustard and brown hat and knowing that Garvey signed with the Padres in 1983, then that only leaves 2 years that it could have been: 1983 or 1984.


Next we have a cookbook compiled by the wives of the 1984 Padres called Padre Pickin’s. All of the proceeds went to the Child Protection Program at Children’s Hospital San Diego. Yeah the recipes are great but the thing that makes this cookbook stand out are all the pictures inside. Each player has a picture of himself with his family. Highlights include Tony Gwynn w/Little Anthony, Nate Colberts hairdo, Trainer Dick Dents son wearing a Houston Astros hat and last but not least The Garv being the only player to pose for a picture by himself.


As an added bonus: this picture of the Friar flipping a burger. Awesome.


Did you know there was an “Official Song of the San Diego Padres” back in 1969 and it was written by an actor by the name of Preston Foster? You do now. Looking at his IMDb page it appears he mainly did a bunch of old westerns back in the day and sadly died in 1970. Here is the sheet music to that song, that I acquired at one of the early Padres garage sales. It was printed by a company called Ozzies Music (which I believe is still around).


This is quite possibly the longest song ever written using the same words over and over again but here it is typed out in all it’s glory for everyone to sing along with. Some may remember the altered, more awesome, 80’s version of the song.

Let’s Go Padres, we are out to win!
Let’s Go Padres, we will not give in!
Let’s Go Padres, we will never stop!
We’ll keep goin’, We’ll keep goin’,
‘Til we reach the top.

Let’s Go Padres, hear that mighty cheer,
Let’s Go Padres, hit it outta here.
Let’s Go Padres, we will never fade,
We’ll keep goin’, We’ll keep goin’,
‘Til we’ve got it made!

Let’s Go Padres, we have got good stuff,
Let’s Go Padres, we are rough and tough,
Let’s Go Padres, we are on the ball.
We’ll keep goin’, We’ll keep goin’,
‘Til we win it all!

Let’s Go Padres, now is the time,
Let’s Go Padres, hit it down the line!
Let’s Go Padres, give ‘em all a fit.
Sock it to ‘em, Sock it to ‘em,
Get that great big hit!

Let’s Go Padres, Now’s the time to fight,
Let’s Go Padres, hit it outa sight!
Let’s Go Padres, we will never sag,
We’ll keep goin’, We’ll keep goin’,
‘Til we win the flag!

Oh and guess what? There is even a chorus for individual players that sounds strikingly similar to the 3rd chorus.

Let’s Go *_________, you have got the stuff!
Let’s Go *_________, hang in there real tough!
Let’s Go *_________, Hit it *_________,
Up against the wall!

What’s that? You want a special chorus for bases loaded situations? Well I got just what the doctor ordered!

Let’s Go *_________, you’re a mighty man!
Let’s Go *_________, hit a big grand slam.
Let’s Go *_________, dig in with you cleats,
Hit it *_________, Hit it *_________,
Hit it in the seats!

Lastly, we have a Padres/7-UP puzzle. There was no date on the box, so I had to do a little research to determine the year for this one. I started by checking out the team baseball cards and came across this 1971 Topps card. Same picture, just the swinging friar logo on the field was cropped out. As you can see in the pictures below I actually even completed the puzzle and only 1 piece was missing from the box. Not to bad considering the puzzle is over 40 years old and has 500 pieces. If you notice, it appears that they painted the field green and (very badly) painted a white baseball diamond on the overhead picture of San Diego Stadium. Early photoshop job? I’m not sure whether or not this was a giveaway during the season or was sold.



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