Punk Rock Paint’s Old Hoss 100 Set


Back in December, ESPN released the baseball Hall of 100, which if the title doesn’t give it away, is their opinion of the Top 100 baseball players of all-time. Surprisingly (and disappointingly), ESPN did not contact the legendary Old Hoss Radbourn for help on this project, so he offered up some comments about each player on his Twitter account for the masses to read. All of his comments on the players can be found here in one easy to read list and each one is hilarious.

One of Old Hoss’ 55,000+ rabid followers on Twitter is Travis of PunkRockPaint. Now Travis isn’t a hilarious, ex-baseball player who is long dead, but he does absolutely amazing work of his own in the form of creating baseball cards (plus he is also hilarious). I sometimes find myself randomly looking at all his Lost cards, longing to be confused on a weekly basis all over again (I loved that show). His Star Wars cards should be in the Louvre, they are that awesome. He has created posters for musicians like Bushwalla & Steve Poltz that have caused fans to stampede the stage at shows and cause mini-riots. Travis has an overwhelming gratitude for the genius of Old Hoss Radbourns writing, so it was only fitting that the two of them would get together to work on a project.

What project is that you ask? None other than the PunkRockPaint/Old Hoss 100 Greatest Ball Players baseball card set.

I met up with Travis on Saturday to get the hot off the presses set in person and could not contain my excitement. His eyes were completely bloodshot as he’s been boxing up these sets himself for hours on end. I immediately cracked open the box and looked through the cards and was blown away. Travis couldn’t stay for long so he didn’t get to see the excitement in my eyes but as he was walking away I think I heard him say something about playing in the Subbuteo World Championships or something.

Now on to the set itself. I expected greatness but I didn’t expect this great, if that makes any sense. The quality is that of real baseball cards. Fantastic pictures were used and each picture hides the logos perfectly. My favorite pictures include Pete Rose sliding head first, Mike Schmidt’s amazing beard, George Brett going ape sh*t in the Pine Tar incident, Gaylord Perry getting inspected by the ump and Craig Biggio getting hit by a pitch. Also a good portion of the ex-Padres were pictured in what appears to be Padres gear (Winfield, Alomar, Maddux & Ozzie) so that’s a bonus as well.

Here is the base card (front & back) of Mr. Padre Tony Gwynn (#61) to give you an idea of how the 100 cards are. On the front is a picture of the player and on the back is the quote that Old Hoss had to say about that particular player.


I guess I’d better tell you now, if you weren’t one of the lucky ones to get in on this action right away then I have some bad news for you: only 84 sets were made and it is completely SOLD OUT already.


In addition to the 100 card set there were 5 rarities thrown¬† in every box. Some of these included players off the “Not Quite 100” list, which I got 2 of in the form of Dave Winfield (#104) & Billy Williams (#120), each hand numbered to only 10. There are also some Old Hoss Quotables cards. I’m not sure how many of these there are since they aren’t on the checklist but I got a John Kruk card (#13) that is hand numbered to only 5.¬† Getting those 2 limited edition ex-Padres cards wasn’t the peak of my excitement though as I was absolutely thrilled to pull a Limited Edition Steve Poltz card that was numbered 1 of only 5 (I got #1!!!). It is absolutely amazing and to make things even better, Steve autographed it!


I was also informed over a week ago that I won a 1 of 1 hand drawn sketch card of the topic of my choice. I told him to surprise me with anything Padres and ended up with this absolute gem. Randy Jones himself with RJ’s Fro across the chest. It doesn’t get much better than that.


The bottom of the box cracked me up too.


Do yourself a favor and follow PunkRockPaint on Twitter and go to his site. I’m definitely going to hit him up for business cards in the near future. Also if you are one of the rare few to not follow Old Hoss Radbourn on Twitter I suggest that you do that as well, hopefully the Ghost of Ray Kroc doesn’t get pissed I’m promoting another ghost.

Here is the entire checklist:





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