Padres Pennants

I recently picked up a couple Padres pennants to add to my collection. My goal is to have them all hanging up in my garage one day. Much like most of the other stuff in my stash, I didn’t set out to collect this particular item, it just accumulated over time.

Do you have some favorite pennants? Rare ones? Write about it and add a picture in the comments below!

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  • I have that mini. I got it as part of an NL pennant set in the early 80s (probably between 1983 and 1985). I may have that whole set around here somewhere…

    • SDPads1

      Those old mini pennant sets were cool. My dad had an AFL one from the late 60’s that my brother now is in possession of.

  • The pennants from 2004 onwards are just terrible. Mike Dee could change this . . .

    • Sac Bunt Melvin

      They are, but aside from the colors the Padres design language has been pretty good the past couple years. If they had any reason to create a pennant I bet they could do better.

  • VM David

    I had the pennant to the left of the Tony Gwnn pennant as a kid. For that reason, I just got a huge kick out of this post. Weird.

    Not that I wouldn’t have enjoyed it anyway!

    • SDPads1

      That’s one of the ones I’ve had since I was a kid too! Those items are always extra cool.

      Would you still enjoy a post about Ranch Dressing from Lake Elsinore?

      • VM David

        It would be a disservice to the community if you didn’t post about Ranch Dressing giveaways.

  • I had that one on the top row right that’s dated ??? up on my wall for years. I think it’s 1981 or 82.

    I have the 2010 one signed by Latos. Got it signed at the inaugural Baseball/Softball Expo at Del Mar.

  • kevintheomanharris

    I had that 1984 World Series one. I have no idea where it is now. I remember as a kid (born in ’82 so not reading until ’87 or something? When do kids start reading?) that the only player on the list of names I recognized was Tony Gwynn of course.