Here it is! All of the Padres bobbleheads that I own, in one single post! 57  168 (!!!!) different Padres, Chihuahuas, Beavers, Stars, BayBears, Quakes, Storm, Wizards, TinCaps, Emeralds, managers, announcers, mascots, dreamboats, skaters and sleepy voiced ex-owners. I’ve written in depth about many of these already, so if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below and I’ll fill you in on them.

Some Additional Notes:

-The Tony Gwynn set of 5 was not a Padres affiliated giveaway and was reportedly a set that Alicia Gwynn teamed up with another company on. I can’t recall the year, or if they were given away somewhere or sold, but I’m about 99.9% sure that it was in 2001.

-I found out that the set that features Trevor Hoffman, Ryan Klesko, Mark Kotsay and Phil Nevin was indeed given away at a game on August 4th, 2002, but was for kids only. You could also go to Carl’s Jr. every Saturday for 5 consecutive weeks and purchase a combo meal to buy a different bobblehead for $4.99 though, which is what I did. My cholesterol levels have never been the same.

-The Jerry Coleman bobblehead was a San Diego National Bank item from 2001 and was given away to “special friends of the bank” only.

-A HUGE thank you to the Fort Wayne TinCaps for providing the Rymer Liriano, Mat Latos, Matt Wisler, Josh Van Meter & Burt Hooton bobbleheads to the collection!!

-Another HUGE thank you to the El Paso Chihuahuas for providing the Manuel Margot & Austin Hedges bobbleheads!

-For more info on the Chris Denorfia unreleased bobblehead, go here.

-I’ve never seen the 1980’s Twin Enterprises bobblehead before, but I scooped it up. It’s in the 1985-1990 uniform, however I have never seen any of these holding a baseball. Perhaps it was a custom one?

If you have any bobbleheads that aren’t listed here, that you’d like to contribute to my sickness the cause, then shoot me an e-mail.



El Paso Chihuahuas (2014-Current)
Tucson Padres (2011-2013)
Portland Beavers (2001-2010)
Las Vegas Stars (1983-2000)
Hawaii Islanders (1971-1982)
Salt Lake City Bees (1970)



San Antonio Missions (2007-Current)
Mobile BayBears  (1997-2006)
Memphis Chicks (1995-1996)
Wichita Wranglers (1989-1994)/Pilots (1987-1988)
Beaumont Golden Gators (1983-1986)
Amarillo Gold Sox (1976-1982)
Alexandria Aces (1972-1975)



Lake Elsinore Storm (2001-Current)
Rancho Cucamonga Quakes (1993 -2000)
High Desert Mavericks (1991-1992)
Riverside Red Wave (1990)



Fort Wayne TinCaps (2009-Current)/Wizards (1999-2008)
Clinton Lumberkings (1995-1998)

Springfield Sultans (1994)
Waterloo Diamonds (1990-1993)
Charleston Rainbows (1985-1992)
Riverside Red Wave (1988-1989)
Reno Padres (1982-1987)/ Silver Fox (1977-1981)
Miami Marlins (1983-1984)
Salem Redbirds (1981-1983)
Lodi Padres (1970-1971)


Short Season A

Tri-City Dust Devils (2015-Current)
Eugene Emeralds (2001-2014)
Spokane Indians (1983-1994)
Walla Walla Padres (1972-1982)
Tri-City Padres (1970-1972)





San Diego Padres

Trevor Hoffman/Ramon Hernandez (Combo)

Mark Kotsay, Trevor Hoffman, Ryan Klesko & The Friar


Adrian Gonzalez



6/1/18 – Wil Myers

7/27/18 – Ant Man & Wasp

7/28/18 – Trevor Hoffman


8/31/18 – Black Panther

El Paso Chihuahuas

6/15/16 – Cody Decker


Portland Beavers

8/12/06 – Rodney McCray


8/19/06 – Daria (UPN 49)

Eugene Emeralds

8/18/12 – Steve Prefontaine


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  • Tim Stoops

    Here’s a Tony Gwynn you don’t have: 2001 Donruss. It came with a baseball card too.

  • Tim Stoops

    Here’s a Tony Gwynn you don’t have: 2001 Donruss and it came with a baseball card.

    • SDPads1

      Yeah it’s definitely on my list. When it comes to Gwynn’s, I believe I’m only missing that one and the new one that looks like Tyler Perry.

      • Tim Stoops

        I’m glad you missed (?) the rather cheap one on eBay recently then. Could have been a cross-country bidding war! ha!

        Tyler Perry, oh man, that’s funny! And you’re totally right.

        Why did the Padres’ Adrian Gonzalez promos always turn out so weird? From the club-footed immovable “action figure” to “wants to fight” bobblehead, they really did a number on him.

        The gigantic-headed bobbleheads (Loretta/Greene/Gwynn) sort of terrify me.

        I did the weekly Carls Jr. visits too. As each player left the team, I turned the bobblehead backwards. I guess if I had brought the set with me to Ohio, I could have turned Kotsay back around for two glorious seasons.

      • SDPads1

        I found out the Adrian listed is actually a bobblehead toothbrush holder too. That explains his rubber ducky-ness

  • “Jeffery Moorad Ego Train”. Perfect.

    • SDPads1

      Moorad voice – “Michael you know you want one of my bobbleheads. I turn on a dime and it feels awesome and….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

  • Thoma Bureau

    How do you display them? Picture?

    • SDPads1

      As of right now this is how they are displayed. However, one of these days Ill get around to building a display case with a constant bobble action.

  • Jonathan

    Hi guys, I know I’m late to the party here, but I’m a big bobble collector in the Chicago area, but working on some HOF/Cy pieces. I’d love to talk to you guys about possibly any extras you might have up for sale, or possibly point me in the direction of someone that can help me.

    Great collections.

    • SDPads1

      Shoot me an e-mail: rjsfro AT I have a few extras.