Items from the 70’s and early 80’s

This week I’ll hit up a few items from the 70’s and early 80’s.

First up is a plastic McDonalds baseball card holder from 1974. 1974 was the first year for Ray Kroc owning the Padres so this promotion makes sense. The baseball cards are round and the players I have are Randy Jones, Dave Winfield, Bobby Tolan, Fred Kendall, Glenn Beckert, Johnny Grubb, John McNamara, a Padres Home Schedule for August and September and lastly a card with Ronald McDonald swinging a bat. On the back of the Ronald card it lists when cards were given away.

7/31-8/4: Willie McCovey and Bill Greif
8/5-8/11: Nate Colbert and Matty Alou
8/12-8/18: Dave Roberts and Johnny Grubb
8/19-8/24: Bobby Tolan and Dave Winfield

I don’t know if this was a McDonalds promotion or a Padres promotion but it’s pretty cool that each week the kids could get 2 new cards until they completed the collection. I’ll have to try and complete mine some day.



Next up are some wooden Square Pan Pizza tokens. I’m not 100% sure what the story is on these. Were they stadium giveaways? Were they like the Jack in the Box taco giveaway (RIP), where people have to look under 3 square pans to find the magic free pizza coupon thus giving the whole ballpark free pizza? Why were they for Square Pan Pizza and not McDonalds? Well here’s what I do know…. if you went into a Square Pan Pizza with one of these tokens, you’d get 2 free slices of pizza (Expires 10/2/80). I have 2 of them and took a picture of the front and back of the coins.


Here’s an odd one, it’s a tube of Fantan. According to the back of the tube, “Fantan is a sunscreen and skin care creme with Avocado Oil, Vitamins E, A, D and sunscreens Paba and Sunarome”. It also states to “use daily-it’s good for your skin”. I don’t know what year it’s from but the tube is still full. After doing a little research I found out that Fantan was actually trademarked by the Padres in 1979. So this wasn’t a brand that just partnered up with the team for a giveaway this was a Major League baseball team getting into the skin cream line. Considering the trademark was created in 1979 and the logo/colors are from pre-1985, there’s a 6 year window for what year this was from. The trademark was officially cancelled in 1989.



Lastly, if you’ve noticed during every Andrew Cashner home start this year, there appears to be duck calls coming from the stands whenever he strikes out a batter or makes a good play. But this isn’t the first time this has happened in San Diego because back in the day, when Goose Gossage held down the closer role in San Diego, there were Goose calls given out to the fans. They say “Bring on the Goose” on them and both still work. He was here from 1984-1987 and judging by the colors this was given out in 1984.


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  • Sac Bunt Melvin

    Anyone else wear zinc oxide sunscreen as a kid? Mine was bright blue.

    • Mike

      Bullfrog baby! The small container, 50 proof.

      • VM David

        50 proof Bullfrog, from a flask.

  • Mike

    I also have/ had the McDonald’s baseball card holder (I’m sure its still in my childhood bedroom at my parents house). I never knew it was to hold cards. I used to put change in it

  • Jayne Harper Hill

    I have about 40 of the McDonalds round cards and maybe 5 of Ronald swinging a bat. Do you think anyone would be interested in them if I put them on Ebay?