Garage Sale Madness!!!

Hi. My name is SDPads1 and I am a Padres merch addict.

Yes I said merch. You know, as in merchandise. I hear that admitting that you have a problem is the first step to fixing it. Though the only problem I have is that I don’t WANT to fix it.

In case you don’t know .400 in ’94 is a site where I post random Padres memorabilia that I’ve accumulated through the years. One day it could be a bobblehead and another day it could be a cook book. Whatever I feel might be interesting I’ll post it.

To keep with the FanFest theme I will be discussing some stuff that I’ve bought at the Garage Sale in years past. Earlier this week Corey Brock gave a glimpse of some of the items you can get this year so get those game plans mapped out, because this is the one time of the year where I turn into someone who’d literally stab anybody in my way to get the chance to buy a plain white towel that COULD HAVE been used to ice Milton Bradley’s knee after Buddy Black broke him in half. The thrill of the hunt is an amazing thing.

First up are some old “Padres Report” newspapers ranging from 1979 to 1984. I acquired these at last years sale for something like 50 cents a piece. There were more too, but I didn’t want to get greedy. Now after having actually read some of these, I wish I had scooped them all up because they are pure gold.

Yes we have a little thing called the internet and blogs now, but back then this is where Padres fans had to go to get something that is entirely devoted to their favorite team. There is things like Minor League news, player spotlights, interviews and all the stuff you’d want to know about the Padres. I’m going to be using some of these articles throughout the year for posts so I’ll leave the description at that.


Next up is my mysterious #43 pre-2008 Portland Beavers jersey that I also bought last year. I have no clue who it is, but it is small enough to fit me so my original guess was a scrappy, middle infield, speedster, who is probably long gone by now. I’ve dug deep on this and can’t find a roster with numbers from any of the teams that wore this particular jersey design. Based on the 2007 roster I have a few guesses but as we’ve seen with the Dave Staton jersey looking at the height & weight of the player could be very misleading regarding the jersey size.

DSC05787 DSC05786

I scored this next item in the early Garage Sale days in 2010. It is one of those big banners that hang on light posts downtown of Mr. Padre himself. Of course not only is it Tony Gwynn, it’s pre-1985 Gwynn in all the brown & mustard glory! I moved recently and have yet to rehang this (hence the folds) but I absolutely love this thing. It was a calmer time back then for the Garage Sales. Fans didn’t literally run to it as soon as the gates opened. I went right away, walked around and saw the banners but passed since I didn’t want to carry them around all day long since they were big and dirty. As I was leaving I returned to see what was left and saw this and immediately scooped it up. These days you’d be lucky to find an Orlando Hudson banner since people scoop up anything and everything right away no matter what the subject matter is.


The Garage Sale, it’s a wonderful thing and the proceeds go to a great cause. Go to it and buy some things but don’t be “ebay dude” scooping up everything to sell online. Nobody likes ebay dude. Nobody.

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