For the “record” do you know what “time” it is??

Search engine optimization be damned! I create titles that are fun/stupid. This post is about records and clocks. Why? Because I wanted to post about records and clocks.

Here is a record that was released after the 1984 season by KFMB. All net proceeds of the sales went to the American Diabetes Association. As opposed to the other Padres ’84 NL Champs record below, this one is full of songs. I’ve listened to it a few times and it always brings a smile to my face.


Side One
Talkin’ Baseball by Terry Cashman
Thunderin’ Lumber by Steve Vaus
Doin’ The Goose by Glenn Erath-Hudson & Bauer Singers
The Garv by KFMB’s Hudson & Bauer
Talkin’ Number One by Steve Vaus
Padres Win Again by Eric Show


Side Two
Hey Pads by Glenn Erath-Hudson & Bauer Singers with Steve Horn
The Garv by KFMB’s Hudson & Bauer
Steve Garvey National Anthem by Steve Vaus
Tiger Safari by Glenn Erath & Steve Horn
The Committee by Steve Vaus
We Are Still The Champions by Glenn Erath & Karen McDermott
Dreams Can Come True…Ode to Ray by Mutimer & Friends


Padres pitcher Eric Show even contributes a song.

This next record is from Miller Lite and titled “A Dedicated Season”. I’m not sure if this was a stadium giveaway or not, but it has a date of 1985 on the back plus it has the “new” 1985 Padres logo so my guess is it was sold/given away during the 1985 season. As opposed to the other record this one is more of a “highlight” reel of the 1984 season. Jerry Coleman is the narrator & that the highlights were compliments of 76 KFMB, Jerry Coleman, Dave Cambell, Bob Chandler & Ted Leitner.

There is writing credits for 1 song titled “Talkin’ Number One” and it is written and performed by Steve Vaus. Vaus and Glenn Erath would occasionally come into the KFMB studios with Hudson and Bauer and perform some songs about the Padres or Chargers (many of which can be found on the other record).


As I was browsing eBay one day in 2009 I came across this gem. I thought $250 was a little steep at the time but now I’m kicking myself for not getting this. It is a KGB Chicken “Cluck”….as in Clock. The seller said that it had a 1977 copyright on it and runs perfectly on a AA battery.  This is the 1st item that I do not own that I posted, but it was too good NOT to post.


This last item is a Trevor Time Desk Clock that was given away at a game in 2007. It has a little button on the front that when pushed it gives off a bell ringing noise and is one of the worst likenesses of a player I have ever seen on any stadium giveaway but I still like this item.

That game was on April 27th. The opponent….the arch rival Dodgers. What happened you ask? Clay Hensley started and pitched strong into the 7th inning giving up only 2 runs while striking out 5 and leaving with the lead. Cla Merideth comes in and shuts them down for 2/3 of an inning. Scott Linebrink comes in and pitches a scoreless 8th and then who would have thought! Trevor Time on a night where they are giving away Trevor Time clocks!!!! Trevor went on to give up 4 runs, get’s the loss & the blown save & actually gets removed from the game. Padres lose 6-5. Yikes!


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  • I love your stories about Padres past collectibles. Even though the Hoffman clock is kind of ugly, I prefer it to most of the stuff the Padres have given out in the last couple of years. Would love to history of the Chicken clock. Must have been a KGB promotion item.

    • SDPads1

      Thank you Wayne! Agreed, the clock is better than most of the stuff they have given away. I’m guessing the Chicken clock was probably a very limited run. I wish I bought that back then.

  • I was just looking at my Trevor Time clock yesterday in the office and thinking “Damn, that’s one ugly clock…” I was almost wondering if I’d gotten bored and magic-markered the flames on myself, but it looks like yours is the same, so they must have intended it to look that way. Thanks for reminding me how ugly the loss was.

    • SDPads1

      HA! Yeah the “Trevor Time” lettering is pretty jagged, the likeness is awful, the flames do look like they were drawn on, if you look closely the clock broke (and it was about a month after it was given away) AND the game was awful. Not good memories there.

  • I have the records (thanks to you, SDPads, and my Dad) and am pondering getting a player just so I can listen to them.